Sen. Cruz Urges GOP to Take Emergency Funding Reins Away from Speaker Pelosi..

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As the House readied to vote on a Senate-passed $484 billion Coronavirus phase 3.5 package, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz rallied GOP Congressmen to stop Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi from controlling funding negotiations on a Phase 4 emergency relief package.

Cruz confirmed to the Daily Caller that he had spoken up in the Senate, asking GOP members to pause on the spending.

“Today I made three points to my colleagues as we look ahead to the next phase in this recovery process,” Cruz told the Daily Caller.

“First, I urged my colleagues to push pause on the spending and not allow Nancy Pelosi to hijack discussions on the path forward.

“Second, I made clear that Congress should not be bailing out fiscally irresponsible states on the backs of taxpayers in more fiscally prudent states, but instead should provide additional flexibility for states to use funds they’ve already received on law enforcement.”

He added, “And finally, I said we need to grow our way out of this crisis by cutting taxes and lifting regulations, specifically calling for every regulation that was waived during this crisis to continue being waived once the pandemic is defeated.”

Cruz has opposed constant short-term spending to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, instead favoring funding for long-term recovery

Cruz said, “That’s the message I delivered to my colleagues today.”