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As everyone knows by now, Nancy Pelosi is a drunken mess. Many people have been saying that this is a dangerous quality to have as Congresswoman as it’s a national security risk. Apparently, the Supreme Court agreed with these people in their ruling.

Court reporter, Sandy Batt, took these notes in the hearing:
“We the Justices of the Hall of Justice find the defendant Nancy Pelosi guilty. We hereby rule that she be immediately removed as Speaker of the House and from Congress.
She has a long and fictitious history of public drunkenness, showing up to work drunk, and being violent and reckless. These qualities are an immediate danger to national security and that is why we are ruling for her removal. This is not even mentioning her rampant fraud and abuse of government funds. That hearing will be held next week.”

This is huge news for the Congressional balance of power. With Pelosi’s removal, the Republicans will be able to choose the next Speaker. Rumor has it that they are looking to select Don Jr. for this important position. He would be a great choice as he has extensive experience in government and has earned everything he has in life, unlike Democrats who use nepotism to get their way.

This is a great day in America as the most corrupt and evil politician in world history is now finally getting removed again. We can only hope it will stick this time as these wily Democrats have a way of avoiding the consequences of their actions.