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Omar successfully hid the proof for months—but it finally slipped out!
Many Americans are stunned by the antics of Rep. Ilhan Omar. The woman—a Somali refugee—was elected to public office. She should be thanking America every day…

Instead she insults the entire country and people she represents.

I don’t have to go over everything she’s done in the last year. That would take too long. But her behavior has caused many Americans to question her motives and even loyalties.

But it only gets worse. It seems like there are more than a few shady aspects of Omar’s past. In fact, investigators have been digging into her life before she became a congresswoman.
Some believe she came to this country under false pretenses. And an old tweet just came to light, making people wonder about her family.She proceeded to delete it immediately. But the Internet never forgets. Now, everyone knows.

She proceeded to delete it immediately. But the Internet never forgets. Now, everyone knows.
From The Daily Caller:
Rep. Ilhan Omar early Tuesday morning deleted a 2013 post that said her father’s name is Nur Said.
“Happy Father’s Day to my aabo Nur Said, I am forever grateful to Allah for giving me the best father a…” the Minnesota Democrat said in the June 2013 post.
Here’s the deleted tweet:

What does this tweet really mean? Let’s make it clear:

But the name of the man who Omar married under unusual circumstances was Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, adding to evidence that she married her brother.

Woah. It’s possible, from what has been discovered, that Omar may not be the person she claims to be. Nor was she married to the person she claims to have been married to.

This deleted tweet revealed she called a man named “Nur Said” her father. If true, it suggests that what many people are claiming about her original marriage.
It’s hard to tell at this point. But the one thing we do know is that there is a dark secret lurking in Omar’s past.
A secret she is hastily trying to cover up.
If not, why delete a tweet about your father? Why try to hide something as simple and harmless as wishing a happy Father’s Day to the man, after you’ve been accused?
Unless it proves what her rivals are claiming. That would be good reason to hide the truth, huh Omar?
The bottom line is, we need answers about this representative’s past. She is elected to public office and is supposed to be doing what’s best for Americans.
But if she’s lying about her own life, can we really trust her? Americans should demand the truth, or action.