Do you Reject the Vote by Mail option???

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Vote-by-Mail Makes Fraud and Errors Worse. Yes it is reality. You need to know what they want to play in this game.

Main Reasons are here:.

1. For years we have watched deep-pocketed, liberal foundations spend hundreds of millions of dollars to change election process rules.

2.Elections are decentralized because decentralization promotes liberty and stability.

3.We are blessed to live in a country—even during moments of crisis—that still cherishes and protects the original decentralized architecture of our electoral system.

The congressional fight over the coronavirus alleviation bill is finished. Endeavors to federalize American decisions, including by required vote-via mail and constrained early democratic, fizzled. The individuals who tried to safeguard state authority over races won.

In the midst of the war of words, not all cases made sounded accurate. For instance, previous Republican National Committee Chair Michael Steele wasn’t right when he wrote in these pages that mail casting a ballot was “basically insusceptible from enormous scope extortion.”

Mr. Steele and his coauthor, Eli Lehrer, should never have visited places where mail polling form extortion has run pandemic. Else, they would have challenged on this issue.

In the Rio Grande Valley, for instance, politiquerias meander colonias, going after the most helpless voters and casting a ballot their polling forms for them. In Cameron County, Texas, nine politiquerias were accused of voter misrepresentation identified with mail polling forms. It is regularly poor people and the older who lose their votes to the polling form collectors.

It’s not only one province in Texas either. At the point when we were at the Justice Department, we were associated with an instance of fundamental vote-via mail extortion in Noxubee County, Mississippi. A government court found that mail voting form misrepresentation was genuine, some portion of a sorted out plan to disappoint voters.

It worked this way. The reapers grabbed mail polling forms from the letter boxes of individuals they knew. They would then thump on their entryways, polling forms close by, offering to “help” them vote. The reapers would then fill in the voting forms for their up-and-comers, paying little mind to what the expected voters had let them know.

The court administering contains sad declaration from one casualty, Susan Wood. When inquired as to why she permitted a gatherer to round out her voting form, Ms. Wood addressed that the gatherer “knows people” better than she—an exemplary instance of trust deceived.

In 2011 in Troy, New York, a nearby political employable was sentenced for submitting false truant voting forms. When inquired as to why he focused on voters who lived in low-pay lodging, he said it was on the grounds that they were much more averse to grumble or notice their voting form had been taken.

The individuals who submit mail voting form extortion are regularly in places of relative control over the voter. Casualties are every now and again hesitant to talk with law authorization officials in light of the fact that those carrying out the wrongdoing—the collectors—live among them and are regularly politically very much associated. It took noteworthy Justice Department assets to break the case in Noxubee and uncover the plot.

Vote-collecting extortion isn’t the finish of the issues with vote-via mail. States depending on this technique unavoidably send heaps of polling forms to out of date delivers or to registrants who have kicked the bucket.

That is on the grounds that voter rolls are loaded up with blunders. California voter rolls stay corrupted with a great many expired registrants, just as voters who state they live at business addresses. In Swissvale, Pennsylvania, one man had seven synchronous dynamic voter enlistments at a similar location. Vote-via mail would send seven voting forms to this house.

Backers of vote-via mail don’t comprehend the degree of the disasters on American voter rolls. They don’t comprehend the several thousands copy enrollments that exist. They don’t comprehend the issue of placeholder enrollments—where numerous enlistments don’t have full locations. Furthermore, the individuals who do comprehend have decided to choose to disregard these and other glaring issues.

Presently, add to every one of these issues the straightforward truth that vote-via mail is completely subject to the postal help—a similar outfit that routinely conveys you your neighbor’s mail.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell merits tremendous credit for remaining steadfast against exertion to make vote-via mail compulsory in each state. His position has saved the sacred game plan whereby states, not the people in D.C., get the opportunity to conclude how to run their own races.

For a considerable length of time we have observed profound taken, liberal establishments burn through a huge number of dollars to change political decision process rules. They reliably advocate the federalization of political race rules, which would permit Washington administrators to direct the terms of state races.

Decisions are decentralized in light of the fact that decentralization advances freedom and security. We will mourn the day when government civil servants order the guidelines of our decisions. The Founders knew better, since they comprehended the gradual intrusiveness of oppression.

We are honored to live in a nation—in any event, during snapshots of emergency—that despite everything treasures and ensures the first decentralized design of our discretionary framework. We should keep it.