As Tensions Rise Between China And The U.S. – Queen AOC Is Pushing For Cuts To America’s Military..

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It’s no secret U.S.-Chinese tensions are only growing since the outbreak. Many American lawmakers are taking steps to punish the communist country. Or at the very least, reevaluate our relationship.
Anything can happen—and we should be prepared for the worst. At least, that’s what a sensible leader would say.

From Daily Wire:
Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), a supporter of Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden, has joined a call to cut U.S. military funding at a time when tensions, including the possibility of a military conflict, with communist China are rapidly increasing.
Even as many worry about the threat of China, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is demanding a cut in our military spending.

Our Take:
Uh… what? Does this lady even understand how important our military is? We have forces stationed around the world.
They work night and day to preserve peace. If not for their efforts, all kinds of chaos would erupt around the world.
But genius Ocasio-Cortez claims we need to take money from the military in order to “address” COVID-19.
Yeah, because we haven’t spent a dime on the virus until now! Oh wait, only trillions in taxpayer dollars.

AOC doesn’t realize the incredible threat China poses to our national security. We’re not just talking about direct, military action.
Intelligence has been mounting for years that China wants to use technology to undermine us. In many ways, our military is combating this threat with technological advances.
Not to mention building up our digital defense against China.
Cutting spending now, as we try to find ways to hold China accountable for COVID-19 is insane.

It makes AOC look totally out-of-touch. Is she?
The only clear solution for battling COVID-19 is a safe reopening of the country. Government spending will not save us from this virus.
But a robust, thriving economy will. Innovators in the private markets will be key in bringing COVID-19 to its knees. Not the government.
Let the government focus on what it does best: giving the military money and getting out of the way.
However, I do support a funding cut: to AOC’s position in Congress.
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